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Collage Campaigns

Photo and video footage, colours and textures digitally and analogically layered onto canvas. Utilizing a blend of the brand’s lookbook, personal photography, and found materials. 

June 2024


Born in a creative studio in the city of Antwerp, Our Sister is built by the idea of creating garments with heartfelt textures and vibrant colors that are well-balanced. These days it is a tough balance to staying true to yourself and standing out in an ultra-violet crowd. Together with a team of young creators and ethical factories, our sister is driven by the objective bringing together the best of both worlds; qualitative fabrics and sustainable fibers with outspoken details to bringing the vision into harmony with each other. 



© OUR SISTER x Chantale Ehrle


Ameos is a Swedish eyewear brand challenging the traditional and generic eyewear space by constantly exploring new ways of self-expression with colors and creativity. Ameos wants to stand out by focusing on the unique qualities that makes them different by expressing beyond their comfort zone whilst feeling empowered.


© AMEOS x Chantale Ehrle


The storied sports, outdoor, and workwear fashion label SANJO - is tracing its roots back to 1933, marking the inception of Portugal's premier sneaker brand. Today, rebranded as "the new old brand," Sanjo emerges with a wealth of heritage and a steadfast commitment to progression, evolution, and the ongoing narrative of the Portuguese legacy. 


© SANJO x Chantale Ehrle


A LINE was born with the purpose of questioning fashion, elevating its root values and adapting to the winds of time, technological change and mind-sets. Focusing on clothing, but also on the ones who wear it. The label wants to raise questions, but also to find answers. Work based on their unique DNA, but also listens to what’s going on outside their walls. Transparency is the starting point of any good relationship. - © A LINE